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  • Newbie
    Little baby with little experience. At least you got started!
    Written 1 quality review (Quality Review = Review with at least 1 photo and 200 characters)
  • Apprentice
    Wongnai user who has fully embarked on the journey of a gourmet traveller
    Written 3 quality reviews
  • Reviewer
    Wongnai user who has built the habit of finding beautiful places with tasty foods
    Written 8 quality reviews
  • Spotter
    Wongnai user who knows where the best place to travel and specific dishes to order
    Written 16 quality reviews
  • Explorer
    Wongnai user who has made finding great places and foods
    Written 31 quality reviews
  • Superstar
    Wongnai user who has a passion for travel around and obsesses with delicious food
    Written 61 quality reviews
  • Expert
    Wongnai user who is expert on choosing the best restaurant. He/she knows all the perfect destinat...
    101-200 Reviews
  • Master
    Wongnai user who has visited places around. He/she is so serious about food choices.
    201-350 Reviews
  • Principal
    Top wongnai user who has a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of all things
    > 351 Review(s)
  • Elite '2018
    Special Rank! This rank is for Wongnai users who have consistenty written high quality reviews.
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