195 THB - Rosy Egg Benny
#1096# [Chiang Mai] Excellent ingredients will bring you excellent food. Im totally enamored. 😍😍😍
The very first restaurant to start our Chiang Mai trip was Rustic & Blue. (((Location))) This quaint little restaurant is located in Nimman Soi 7. You can follow the map in Wongnai or you can search for this restaurant in google map. One thing to note though that the traffic around Nimman area is kinda confusing, and you need to be well aware of one-way traffic along all those alleys. (((Ambiance & Service))) The restaurant is simply decorated yet still chic and cute. The place has two sections, which are indoor with AC or outdoor in the garden. The service was excellent. Staffs were polite, quick and attentive. (((Food))) The main goal of this place is to cook and serve food with locally grown produce, so it can be guaranteed that all the ingredients they serve are readily available in season and very fresh. If you order the same dish but different season, some of the ingredients on your dish might be different. They served brunch, dinner, baked goods, varieties of drinks and one thing that I noticed was that they had vast selections of teas from all around the world. (((What we ordered))) ■ Matcha Cruffin ■ 75 THB We started our meal with this yummy baked good. Cruffin a.k.a. croissant in muffin form was nicely layered and a little crisp on the outside. Cruffin was full of matcha cream on the inside. Matcha flavor wasnt that strong but the cream was quite creamy and it was a lot! The cream would ooze out every bite you bit the cruffin. ■ Brekkie Stack ■ 195 THB This dish had brioche frecnch toast, maple bacon, sausage and fried egg with shredded Cheddar on top. Maple syrup was also served with this dish. Brioche french toast was super thick and you could smell the butter the toast was cooked in. Maple bacon was also thick and smell so good. Sausage was of excellent quality and tasted very good as well. Everything on the dish complemented each other very well. A bite of eggy thick french toast soaked with sweet maple syrup with smoky bacon and cheesy egg was just one heavenly perfect bite. ■ Rosy Egg Benny ■ 195 THB This dish had poached egg and bacon on croissant on a bed of rocket, greens, roasted sweet potato and topped with beetroot hollandaise. This plate was so full of color and flavor. Egg was perfectly poached. The acidic level of beetroot hollandaise was just right. Hollandaise is supposed to be tart and this place knows how the hollandaise should taste like. Bacon was thick and also so full of flavor. Greens and other vegs on the plate was fresh. Roasted sweet potato and roasted. taro were quite hearthy and very yummy. ■ Dirty Chai ■ 90 THB ■ Coffee with a hint of Chai. Coffe was a bit too strong so it overwhelmed the odor and flavor of Chai, but was still a very nice cup of coffee overall. (((Concluding Remarks))) Almost everything was close to perfect. It was indeed a perfect brunch. I'm enamored.... อ่านรีวิวฉบับเต็ม
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