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Chocolate Cake
Cute little coffee shop in a busy townI stopped by this coffee shop for a quick afternoon break. Bake Me a Design has a very simplicity look at the storefront. The interior design is clean and simple. It has the minimalist type of concept. When I walked into the cafe, there's a big white table places between counter and customers. I assume that it maybe because of the covid situation, so, they don't want customers to be too close to the staff. But it makes it less welcoming. They could have just put a plastic film between counter and customers.The inside of the cafe may need a bit of the touch up. Some of the paint start to peel off. I ordered a few items to try. 1. Iced Mocha The taste of coffee is not very strong. I could only taste chocolate syrup. 2. Lime soda It was very sour upon my first sip. Then, the soda tasted quite artificial. I asked the staff. The cafe did not use the real lime juice. Instead, it used lime syrup. 3. Iced Cocoa It was a bit on the sweet side. Surprisingly, it reminded me of the taste of Ovaltine. So, I asked the staff again what was it made of. The staff told me that it was cocoa powder packet. 4. Waffles The waffles were okay. But I think the cafe just used waffle mix instead of making the batter from scratch. 5. Chocolate cake Instead of having rich, smooth, creamy chocolate ganache like texture, the chocolate cake frosting had the jello like texture. 6. Root Beer Float The cafe was out of vanilla ice-cream. But there's nothing special about this Root Beer Float. It was just a scope of ice cream with a can of soda on the side. Overall, I observed that this cafe does not use many fresh ingredients on the menu.... อ่านต่อ
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