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Waited for 45 mins after order and only one dish came outThe first impression is everything and Da Cuisine failed miserably. Drop by for lunch at 11 am when the restaurant was opening up. We were 2nd table with 4 seaters arrived few minutes in front of us. Ordered two appetizer dishes and 2 lunch dishes. 30 mins into the seating only one abalone dim sum was served and after asking where the food was the second dish followed 45 mins after we arrived. it was 11:45 am now and they just brought out the deep-fried pumpkin dusted with salty egg menu. After asking where was the rest of the dishes we ordered we got a reply "that was all the order we received from your table" We asked for the check and left promptly. I hope you have better luck getting the food than us if you decides to visit this place.... อ่านต่อ
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