1. Tomato Confit with Smoked Buratta • ชอบที่สุด เป็นรสชาติที่คิดถึงมานานมาก ร้าน Le Cochon Blanc
ชอบที่สุด เป็นรสชาติที่คิดถึงมานานมาก - Tomato Confit with Smoked Buratta
The Fire is Live at Le Cochon Blanc
This beautiful BBQ place is located in Soi Sukhumvit 31. Just follow the smell of the bbq and grilled beefs to the restaurant you will find a giant BBQ station where they grill all the meats here. Le Cochon Blanc or the White Pig is very interesting restaurant as they not only serve premium meats, but they also provide us every qualified ingredients they can find. From salad, main course to desserts, none of the dishes have disappointed us! We started from two appetizers which are Smoked Salmon ( made in house ) and Tomato confit with Buratta Cheese (the taste I've been craving for). Followed by the main course, BBQ short ribs (48hr. Sous-vide, imagine how soft is that!) and Chicken Piri Piri. The last but not least, a la minute strawberry short cake, such a great combination of strawberry and basil leaves on top of soft chiffon! such a happy ending :)... อ่านรีวิวฉบับเต็ม
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