Sühring (ซูห์ริง)

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LMWN Users' Choice 2021
เมนูของร้าน Sühring
Spätzle with summer trufflesTaste exactly like ก๋วยเตี๋ยวคั่วไก่ (Kua Kai)
Modern reinterpretation of rustic German cuisineRun by the two Sühring brothers in partnership with Gaggan Anand, the restaurant delivers traditional German cuisine with a modern twist in a calm and austere decor that echoes modern Scandinavian and Japanese esthetics. The food comes in bite size small courses that are flavorsome and elegant. The ingredients are treated very lightly and simply. Modernist techniques were used but are not that noticeable. You can really taste the quality of the ingredients they use here. The restaurant also curated a rather short but excellent wine list, mostly from Germany of course, although the mark-up here seems fairly high by Bangkok standards. For atmosphere, the building was previously an old home that was converted to restaurant. There is a rather large garden that can be seen through large glass windows. The decor is minimalistic, with clean lines and textures of glass, light oak, and white. Service here is ok. The restaurant layout with many wall partitions seems to make it difficult to get waiters' attention. Overall it was quite a good experience. The restaurant is fairly new but it is off to a great start. At least one Michelin star worthy. Price: about 2500-3500 per person without wine... อ่านต่อ
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